Why Give?  We give out of gratitude.  Because we understand God to be the source of everything we are and all that we have – and that God lovingly provides for us.

At St. Elizabeth’s, we support a wide variety of ministries as we touch the lives and hopes of others.  We are not just giving to St. Elizabeth’s, we are giving back to God to support a wide variety of resources and services for the community and beyond.  There’s also much to be gained personally when we give generously – growing towards spiritual maturity – breaking the power of money, and being free of its hold, having a sense of fulfillment.

We were designed by God to give – it is in our spiritual DNA.

There are many ways to give. Many Anglicans give their time and their talent.  We also need everyone to prayerfully consider what they can afford to provide to St. Elizabeth’s to support the Parish.

One of the best ways to give is through the Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) Program.  This program is administered through the Diocese of Niagara at no cost to St. Elizabeth’s and is easy to arrange.  You can download the form here: Preauthorized Giving Form

To find out about how you can support St. Elizabeth’s, please call the church office at 905-637-6335.