We Need Your Help

St. Elizabeth’s has been serving the residents of Burlington since 1961. In that time we have seen many ups and downs, but we struggle to find a similar situation than what we are all experiencing than the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With the closure of the Church at the direction of the Bishop and the Provincial Government, our Church is now facing the unique situation where our expenses continue to accrue, but our source of revenue is now gone.

Donations are used to support programs, wages and the people of East Burlington through our Gift Card Program for people and families in need, supporting organizations at Christmas and Easter or simply making sure the lights are on and the Church is warm each and every week.

We are making the unprecedented appeal for your support so that we can mitigate the loss of Sunday Services and continue to support our community. Anything you can offer is greatly appreciated.

May God Bless You and we look forward to seeing you again when the Church opens.

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